Vision 2025

Health for everyone

To be the best pharmaceutical retail company, recognized for offering complete health solutions, reducing inequalities in access to a healthy life in Brazil, so that more people can live fully.

Pague Menos built its sustainability vision based on an ESG diagnosis, carried out after research with responses from approximately 6 thousand stakeholders, which helped to map our material themes. Discover our materiality matrix.


Our commitments

The future we are building

Pague Menos wants to produce real and significant change. We have the perseverance, will and strength to make this happen. Here are the commitments and goals that make up our ESG agenda.
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  • Environment
  • Business

Health for people

Making a difference in the lives of all Brazilians, especially those who have limited access to health and well-being, wherever they might be, bringing, in addition to treatment, information, care and prevention.

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Contribute to the health and well-being of our customers and employees, helping them to prevent chronic diseases and adhere to their prescribed medical treatments.



      Health for the Environment

      We recognize that people's health is also related to the health of the environment. Therefore, we are committed to minimizing impacts and promoting sustainable practices.

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      Contribute to preventing global warming, reducing and neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions from the Pague Menos operation and value chain.



          Health for the Business

          For us, a business is only healthy if it is guided by quality relationships and promotes development opportunities (financial, intellectual, emotional) for all of its stakeholders.

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          To base all of our attitudes and relationships on ethics and transparency.



              Sustainability Report

              Administration’s Message

              Health constitutes a fundamental pillar for the dignity and prosperity of people, and is a human right recognized internationally. It is no surprise that access to quality healthcare was included among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, set out in the 2030 Agenda, proposed by the United Nations in 2015. In our Company, we are aware that there is no better future if we do not we overcome this challenge. And that's what moves us every day: helping more people live fully!

              In 2023, we remain firm in this purpose, guided by our vision of offering complete health solutions, reducing inequalities and supported by sustainable management, carried out by dedicated and talented people. We are grateful for the dedication and commitment of our employees, partners and our customers, who share this vision and helped us build another year of good results. Despite a scenario of economic and political uncertainty, in a market with still high interest rates, we opened 20 new stores and grew 20.3% in gross revenue compared to last year, numbers that reflect the work of a dedicated team, guided by a clear and structured strategic plan.

              We are prepared for 2024, based on a robust and solid plan, which aims at the sustainable development of our business, anchored in a history of protagonism and innovation.


              *portuguese only


              2nd place in the Companies that Care Award

              “Meu Lugar de Fala” is a welcoming space for employees who are victims of harassment, discrimination or domestic violence who wish to receive emotional support from the Company. People who wish to participate in the project will be directed by the Compliance and Risk Management area, after a formal request in a Confidential Channel. In 2023, 34 cases were monitored in the company.

              In recognition of the success of the initiative, the program came second in the Large Companies category of the Companies that Care Award, promoted by Unimed.

              Booklets and Policies

              Moral, Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence Prevention Booklet

              Having ethical and transparent relationships is part of one of the pillars of the ESG Strategy of Pague Menos and Extrafarma. With that in mind, understanding the importance of acting preventively against Moral, Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence, we prepared this material.

              This Booklet aims to guide all people in the company on the best work practices, how we can avoid and/or report moral and sexual harassment, in addition to how we deal with cases that may happen both in the internal environment of Pague Menos and Extrafarma between employees, as well as externally, based on the attitudes of our customers.

              The Moral and Sexual Harassment Prevention Booklet acts as an aid tool, along with the Code of Ethical Conduct and Confidential Channel, to reinforce the position of Pague Menos and Extrafarma regarding the non-tolerance of attitudes that harm dignity and physical and social safety from anyone who is part of our Team of Giants.



              Women on Board is an independent initiative that seeks to recognize the existence of more diverse corporate environments that value the presence of women on Boards of Directors or advisory boards.

              Learn more

              INVOLVING SENIORS: A recognition given to organizations with more than 5% of their staff composed of professionals over 50 years of age.

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              GPTW - Varejo 2022

              Great Place to Work (GPTW) is a global consultancy that certifies the best companies to work for in over 90 countries. The index reveals the employee's perception of the organization's various policies, practices and behaviors. Pague Menos received the national certification, and is part of the Best Companies to Work for in the Retail and Health sector. It was an internal goal for 2025, which has already been achieved in 2022 and we will continue to make efforts to maintain this ranking.

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              Excellence in People Management - 7th place


              UN Women

              UN Women: Movement of the Gender Equality Front uniting companies committed to the United Nations 7 Principles of Women's Empowerment.

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              Business Coalition for Racial and Gender Equality

              Business Coalition for Racial and Gender Equality: A business movement promoted by the Ethos Institute to debate and engage companies working on the fronts of racial and gender equality.

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              Business Network for Social Inclusion Movement

              Business Network for Social Inclusion for the Employability of People with Disabilities is a collaborative movement that aims to mobilize companies in Brazil to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the market, through professional qualification, facilitation of hiring and improved retention rate.

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              LGBTQIAP+ Business and Rights Forum

              LGBTQIAP+ Business and Rights Forum

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              360 Woman Movement

              The 360 Woman Movement exists to contribute to the economic empowerment of Brazilian women from a 360-degree perspective, through the promotion, systematization and dissemination of advances in business policies and practices, in addition to the engagement of the Brazilian business community and society in general.

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              ESG Highlights 2023

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/icone-6-av65lipgjxpng-4txyfipou7.png

                25.6 thousand direct employees, of which 20.1 thousand from Pague Menos and 5.1 thousand from Extrafarma.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/98-bilhoes-de-receitapng-pd6n4jvvag.png

                20.3% growth in gross revenue.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/icone-1-i0bkyy4d0zpng-9ro1zwhruv.png

                1,632 own stores, including both Pague Menos and Extrafarma brands, located in all states of Brazil.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/100-da-energia-consumidapng-qlodahn8ze.png

                1.2 thousand stores powered by renewable energy.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/icone-8-tcx2ykduocpng-twxxbzgecm.png

                529,300 hours of training dedicated to the team, an average of 20 hours per employee.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/319-mil-mw-h-de-energiapng-exai2fbfro.png

                81 million KW/h of energy generated in the company's solar parks.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/icone-4-ewi6rhyoatpng-sf9vmqiylw.png

                Omnichannel sales representing 12.5% of total sales at the end of the year.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/site-esgpng-dkwpdbgbxo.png

                Classified as the 2nd place in the "Large Companies" category of the Companies that Care award, promoted by Unimed.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/1056-clinic-farmapng-rtrt9xpfid.png

                1,062 Clinic Farma, pharmaceutical offices that promote access to the expanded middle class population B2, C and D.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/1056-clinic-farmapng-rtrt9xpfid.png

                +150 million assistances carried out in the year, in store and digital channels, with a base of 20,7 million active customers.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/118-novas-lojaspng-orpdmrsyll.png

                In 2023, 20 new stores were opened.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/icone-8-tcx2ykduocpng-twxxbzgecm.png

                1,2 thousand people from the community trained free of charge to work in pharmaceutical retail.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/3333-de-mulherespng-xi9jwup9se.png

                33.33% women on the Board of Administration, one of whom is the president.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/59-de-mulherespng-fif26cd9t5.png

                64% of women in leadership positions.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/74-de-pessoas-pretas-epng-lbln3hifdu.png

                2.9 million patients impacted across Brazil.

              • https://media.starlightcms.io/workspaces/pague-menos/esg/optimized/6028-voluntariospng-imrptapujr.png

                36.6% (+9k) of employees involved in volunteering actions.

              What we have already accomplished

              Pague Menos has pioneered the interior and the mountains as well as the coastal cities to bring more health to Brazilians. But wherever we arrive, we also bring our commitment to transforming lives and the environment. For over 40 years, we have promoted social and environmental actions in our stores and in our communities, impacting employees, customers and society as a whole.

              Planting seedlings, supporting environmental preservation projects, holding cultural events and donating ambulances and wheelchairs are some of the Pague Menos initiatives that have benefited the population.

              • Pague Menos Running Circuit
                Pague Menos Running Circuit

                The most beloved circuit in Brazil has already been held in 18 cities and won the hearts of 320 thousand participants in 10 editions, with cultural, social, ecological and health promotion activities.

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                *portuguese only

              • Wheelchair donations
                Wheelchair donations

                Solidarity is part of our history. Pague Menos has already benefited thousands of Brazilians with disabilities and reduced mobility through the donation of wheelchairs, guaranteeing a fuller life to these people, in addition to the right to come and go.

                Learn more

                *portuguese only

              • Pague Menos Literary Contest
                Pague Menos Literary Contest

                Pague Menos is writing a new chapter in valuing Brazilian talent. The Literary Contest publishes 100 poems selected by the jury in a special collection and rewards the authors of the five best poems.

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                *portuguese only

              • Our People, Our Art contest
                Our People, Our Art contest

                Pague Menos encourages Brazilian art and culture with this contest. In the last edition alone, more than 3 thousand paintings, collages and engravings were submitted, with cash prizes and a virtual showing of the finalist’s works.

              • Pague Menos Ambulance Donations
                Pague Menos Ambulance Donations

                We activated the spirit of solidarity from the North to the South through an action that mobilized approximately 20 thousand institutions. More than 3.5 million customers participated and chose the institutions benefiting from these brand new ambulances.

              • Pague Menos Women's Fair
                Pague Menos Women's Fair

                The biggest women's event in Brazil brings together, in each edition, more than 20 thousand women, for 4 days of intense programming with courses, workshops, a health and beauty Mega Fair offering stands from the biggest brands in the country, as well as major national attractions.

              • Green City
                Green City

                Pague Menos has already made it into the Guinness Book of World Records, by planting more than 65,000 seedlings in just 1 hour. The Green City Campaign allocates part of the profits from the sale of participating products to the planting of seedlings in several cities.

              • Little creatures
                Little creatures

                In addition to winning over and making children happy throughout Brazil, this socio-environmental responsibility initiative guaranteed resources for projects to preserve our fauna.

              Press Room


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